martes, 14 de junio de 2016

Video: "The Ocean's glory - and horrors!"


Photos by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry)

I love Brian Skerry's photos of the osean as much as I love the ocean itself. I've been fascinated by the underwater habitat since I was a little kid. So, let's be aware of what we are doing to the ocean.
Watch this TED VIDEO (2010) and then answer the questions with short answers.

Example: Does Brian Skerry work for National Geographic? - Yes, he does.

1. Did he fall in love with the sea as a child?
2. Has he been exploring the ocean for 30 years?
3. Did he want to do a video on flamingos?
4. Is the loss of ice the worst thing for harp seals?
5. Did 80% of the big fish in the ocean disappeared in the last years?
6. When we go to a restaurant, do we know where the steak or chicken come from?
7. Are the bluefins the lions and tigers of the sea?
8. Is the ocean a grocery store?
9. Do the nets catch only shrimp?
10. Does Brian Skerry hate sharks?
11. Are the leatherback turtles the largest and oldest turtles?
12. Are there many leatherback turtles in the world?
13. Do right whales get hit by ships?
14. Have Southern right whales seen humans before?
15. Did Brian Skerry work in New Zeland?
16. Do red snapper fish eat algae?
17. Was the ocean restored to its natural equilibrium in New Zeland?

loss - pérdida
harp seals - foca de groenlandia
bluefin (bluefin tuna) - atún
grocery store - tienda de comestibles
shrimp - camarón
leatherback turtle - tortuga laúd (tortuga marina)
right whale - ballena franca
red snapper - pargo


Photos by Brian Skerry
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