martes, 28 de junio de 2016

A Youtuber's video: High school

Why does high school suck? Or doesn't suck?

My fav youtuber, Danny from The Gradual Report, explains why high school sucks/or doesn't suck/.
Watch the VIDEO and answer true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false info.

1. School comes from a Latin word.

2. Danny tells you about a school routine.

3. Classes in the USA are 50 minutes.

4. In chemistry class, a guy tells you about how bombs are created.

5. In "calculus" class, you learn more maths than Einstein knew when he discovered the Theory of Relativity.

6. During Physical Education, you play clever games with pupils of your age.

7. Danny doesn't play silly games anymore.

8. Later, Danny tells you about the routine of law school intern.

9. When you arrive at work, your boss scolds you.

10. Life is all about learning. You never stop learning.

11. If you are working in a bakery, you are learning about how mothers react to heat.

12. Things you learn in a bakery are less interesting than the Rennaisance.

13. High school is a boring part of growing up.

14. Don't take school too seriously.

15. Leaves of tress are edible. Danny tried them because he is a koala.

to suck (colloq.) - apestar (ser una m****a)
pupil - alumno; pupila
law school intern -  becario de derecho (trabaja para ganar experiencia, sin salario)
to scold - reprender, regañar
heat - calor

Answers --> 1.F; 2.T; 3.F; 4.T; 5.T; 6.F; 7.F; 8.T; 9.T; 10.T; 11.F; 12.T; 13.F; 14.T; 15.T

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