martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Video: Joey is learning English

Friends: English as Second Language

Watch this video and fill in the gaps below. Listen to it as many times as you need.

- Joey, you have a ____________  ________!
- Thank you.
- Joey, this is an English as a second language class for __________. Are you sure you're in the _____ place?
- Oh, I'm in the _____place.
- Let's get _______. I hope that everyone __________ counting to ten in the weekend.
- Yes
- One, two, three, four, five, six seven eight, nine, TEN!
- Eleven, twelve!
-  Very good, Boris. Somebody's gonna ____ a gold star!
- Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.
- School, Renata, they go to school!
- Joey, why don't you pick it up where Renata ______ off. Now this is a hard part, so ____ your _______.
- Wow, boy, this ______ tough. "The bell _____ and the students all ______ to the auditorium with their teacher." BOOM!!! That's right, Boris, you heard it, auditorium!
- Oh, I am so lucky to be with the smartest boy in class. Some words are so tog.
- Tog??? Remember I ______ you that the "gh" sometimes sounds like "f": tough /taf/, like "rough" /raf/ or "laugh" /laf/.
- Oh, Joey, make love to me tonift!
- That is good English!
- Ok, I'd like everybody to ______  ____ their homework on the subjunctive tense.
- You didn't do it?
 - I ____ it.
- If the present tense of the verb TO BE  is "I am", then the subjunctive tense is "If I..." Joey?
- If I was!
- Oh I'm sorry, that's not correct.
- It's "If I were".
- Very good, Boris.
- Joey are stupid.
- Joey IS stupid, Renata!

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