viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

Video: The Loudest Animal in the World

So, what do you think the loudest animal on our planet is?

Be prepared to be surprised! Watch this VIDEO about the loudest animal in the world. Then fill in the missing information.

Far from being ________, the ocean is filled with a cacophony of _________  ________ that can even disrupt the sonic transmissions of submarines.
Most of the din ____  _________  ____ a surprisingly insignificant creature, the Pistol Shrimp.
By snapping its claws it can not only make ______________  ________, but something far deadlier. These shrimps are its prey. It deals a knockout blow ____   __   ______________by using its claw as a sonic _________.
First its claw is cocked like __  _________. Then fired.
The effect is literally stunning. As the claw snaps shut it fires a blast of bubbles.
Incredibly as the bubbles collapse, they momentarily reach the ____________  ___  ____   ______.
This _________ causes a shockwave that stuns.

din - barullo
shrimp - camarón
claw - pinza
deadly - mortal 
prey - presa
knockout - nocaut, KO
blow - golpe
to fire - disparar
stunning - aplastante
blast - ráfaga
to cock - amartillar

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