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Trailer "Fringe"

Nature doesn't recognise good and evil... nature only recognises balance and imbalance.

Fringe was my favourite TV series for a while. I couldn't stop watching it. It's about psychokinesis, teleportation, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, precognition, dark matter ... and more.

Watch this TRAILER 2 o 3 times: listen carefully to the information and answer the questions below with True or False.

1. In 1985, a man decided to go to another universe to save his child.

2. He crossed to an alternate universe and this was a disaster.

3. The "Fringe" division of the FBI is looking for a way to continue the damage.

4. A series of events has ocurred and the agents have to investigate them.

5. Their investigations into these cases run amok. 

6. The alternat universe that they discover is nice and friendly, and it doesn't threaten our future.

7. Only one world can survive.

8. This TV series explores ONLY fringe science, it doesn't explore characters.

9. Olivia Dunham had a happy childhood and she became a special agent to help the world.

10. Peter Bishop is very intelligent person and he is from a different place.

11. Walter Bishop is Peter's father, he is a brilliant scientist but he is afraid to do experiments.

12. Walter is crazy.

13. Agent Phillip Broyles doesn't believe in Olivia.

14. Walter can always remember Astrid's name.

15. Nina is the director of Massive Dynamic, a multi billion dollar corporation.

alternate (alternative) - alternativo
fringe cases - casos límites, casos extraños
to run amok - salir fuera de control
to threaten - amenazar
fringe science - ciencia que explora los casos inexplicables, extraños
afraid - scared (asustado/a)

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