martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

Video: 20 things we should say more often

This is a video known as "20 Things we Should Say More Often" by Robby Novak or Kid President.

The boys tells us 20 things that we don't say often enough Watch the video and answer the questions:
1. When should we say "thank you"?
2. Who needs to say "I don't know"?
3. How does it feel if you say: "you're so awesome, I legally changed my name to yours"?
4. Is it ok to disagree with people?
5. Complete: "If you can't thinkg of something nice to say, you're _____________________."
6. If you have another idea of what people should say more often, what do you have to do?
7. What is the bonus one?

corndog: es una especie de perrito caliente compuesto de una salchicha recubierta con una masa de pan de maíz y que posteriormente se fríe en aceite muy caliente

Answers --> 1. Every day. 2. His sister. 3. It feels super creepy. 4. Yes, it is. But it's not ok to be mean. 5. "not thinking hard enough". 6. Leave a comment below. 7. Let's dance!

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